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Peter Kroyer

Hi, my name is Peter!

I'm a Web Developer based in beautiful Vienna, Austria. As a freelancer I'm working for clients around the world.

Being a big proponent of the JAMSTACK I preferably work with React and Next.js / Gatsby, accompanied by a serverless architecture.

With user experience as my main focus, I love paying close attention to all the small details when creating websites and web applications. This allows me to create truly unique experiences.

Sounds good so far? Great!

No matter if you need a new custom-made website, a unique web shop or have an idea of an engaging web application: Please feel free to contact me and we'll talk about the details!

Peter Kroyer


Creating a relationship of trust and a pleasant atmosphere is essential for every successful partnership. Therefore, when working as a freelancer, the following aspects are part of all of my projects:

Non-Binding Introductory Meeting

The first meeting or (video) call is always free and non-binding. It serves the purpose of defining the scope of the project and talking about possible solutions. If the expectations are not met in the end for whatever reason, that's unfortunate, but definitely not a problem.

Transparent Pricing

The price will be fully transparent at any stage of the project. That means: I will usually not charge on an hourly basis, but rather we will agree on a fixed price. Only if the scope of the project changes will the price be adjusted accordingly with prior agreement. Therefore it is always clear on what the final price will be, and there will be no surprises.

Personal Relationship

You won't be dealing with a big web agency. This makes the relationship more personal, as I will be your contact person throughout the entire process for any inquiries. If you have any requests that go beyond my range of services, I can readily rely on a network of competent freelancers.

State of the Art Solutions

It is 2023 and you should see that in the final product. This means much more than responsiveness and cross-browser-compatibility and involves best practices regarding performance, accessibility, security and usability.
This results in appropriate design, secure websites, fast load times and happy customers. Ultimately, this is also the best and most reliable way to achieve Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Technical SEO

You want customers to find your website / web application on search engines, especially on Google. Having the right content is the best way to get there. But besides that, there's a lot of things that can be done that are going to influence your ranking. Performance, accessibility and having static assets to name just a few.

Wherever you are with your project

- You have a finished design and a clear picture of how your website / web application should work? Perfect!
- You have a rough idea of your website / web application and you need support with the design and implementation? Sounds good!
- You have an existing website / web application but you are not satisfied with it? Let me help!

Wherever you are with your idea or your project, I'll be happy to help and discuss the further steps to be taken.


The web is changing rapidly and with it the possibilities to implement websites and web applications. Following the modern JAMSTACK-philosophy and using tools like Static Site Generators, Headless CMS and a serverless architecture make it possible to create modern, state of the art web experiences.

Until recently, creating dynamic websites with tools like Wordpress was common practice. Compared to modern technologies though, today this approach oftentimes seems inflexible and clunky, especially regarding the performance of the resulting website.

Javascript libraries like React and modern Front End Frameworks like Next.js or Gatsby allow for the creation of static assets (or server side rendering) with all the possibilities dynamic web apps offer. So you'll get the best of both worlds. That entails a range of advantages, especially regarding the performance, the flexibility, the security, the scalability and the costs of the resulting website. All while content creators - through the integration of a Headless CMS like Prismic or Contentful - have the possibility, to flexibly adjust all of the content based on their requirements.

And that's what it's all about in the end: Creating the best possible experience for the client and for the user.

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Having a new project in mind? Need help with an existing project? Looking for an experienced freelance web developer?

No matter at what point you are with your project, I'll be happy to help.


Alternatively you can send an e-mail to

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